Picked up the new issue of VIBE with MR. KANYE WEST on the cover. SEAN FENNESSEY goes as far as saying he’s a “honest to goodness superstar.” Some quotes I thought were valid. Thank you Mr. West. This is so good.

On pg. 16, a hidden side note says “Though Kanye West complimented Music Editor Sean Fennessey on his yellow and gray Nike Dunks, Fenn’s sock game wasn’t up to par.”


“Life sometimes changes. I’m on a path that God puts me on. I don’t believe all of this happened by chance. I’m in the position that I’m in due to who my parents were, due to my additude, and my taste, and my opinion. I’m my own worst critic. You can’t find anything else wrong.”

“I didnt realize at the time that my albums are open to criticsm, which, at the end of the day they are. These are gifts that I’m delivering to the world. These aren’t term papers. Thse aren’t tests. With a song like “Diamonds,” it’s almost like I was trying to pass a test.”

The internet has been instumental in your career. Some people know you more for your blog than your music

I wish

“There are people who honestly don’t like me. This is well-known, right? I just sit back and look at it like, Why? What did I actually do? Did I do something negative twoard someone? If I made a mistake, did I not apologize for it and take it like a man?”

“I’d rather piss a bunch of people off and make myself happy than make everyone else happy and be pissed off inside.  At any given time, I’m gonna do what I wanna do when I wanna do it, and people can have their reasons why they don’t like something.”

“I am a walking Hypebeast. I am like Hypebeast, the guy. I’m actually the human being version of a brand. I’m the Nike, the human being”

“I dont try. I do. There’s some people that try and then they get scared and then their shit ends up sounding like it sounded before. I like it, it’s good, and it’s on you. I’m not a museum. I’m new. For all the kids who wear lumberjack shirts now and used to wear neon last year, this is the music they listen to.”

I make the soundtrack of our lives and who we are and who I am

“Fuck all that. We don’t feel like Fuck you bitch, I’m just gonna fuck a whole buncha girls. No! We feel hurt. We feel pain. Like, Damn, why would you say something like that to me? Damn, I LOVE YOU. Damn, I want to have a family. Damn, I want to find someone to raise my kids.”

“Why do you feel persecuted?”
“Why do I feel like what’s happening is really happening?”

“I don’t have beef with human beings, period.”

“In the past, I’ve cried like a little bitch about shit that’s completely insignificant. The only person I want to speak negativley about is myself. I’m putting out positive energy”

I believe you gotta walk it out, you gotta live it out. Life has its ups and downs. And sometimes you sprain an ankle, you have to walk it out, like back in the day in summer camp. Walk it out. An sometimes you have to cry it out.”

“I dont blieve in religion and giving it all up to Jesus. I believe in God. But i don’t buy in to any particular, specific religion. I just believe in God. I would never say, ‘Leave it up to Jesus'”

“I don’t attest to any religion that tells me that other people gotta go to hell. I don’t beleive in a religion that has something against gay people. I was taught to believe everyone was going to hell. I was taught to hate gays. And i don’t really believe any of that. Now, what I do like about church, though, is weekly inspiration. I can appreciate the weekly pep talk.”

“I remember playing the video and being like, Ah, this shit is dope! and people just looking at me like I’m crazy.”

“Would you rather have five bad model bitch girlfriends that only half-way care about you, or one wife? That’s how fans are.”


ALSO, in 20 Questions, they ask, in #19, “Why doesn’t Carmelo Anthony talk to Allen Iverson about those tired braids?” Little did they know…


It had already happened.

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